Sunday, September 28, 2008

So yOu ThINk YoU Can DaNCe

Tuesday night Brett and I went to the Top 20 So You Think You can Dance Tour at the E-Center in Salt Lake. Can I just say that it was AMAZING, and now, more than ever I wish I could dance!

Even though it was jam-packed with FEMALES, Brett still had a great time! It was hilarious to hear him screaming (not a girly scream, but you know, a manly scream) for Twitch. I'm pretty sure Brett wants to be Twitch!

It was a fun little date night for us! We've already decided to go back next year, and we will make sure all of our friends get tickets too!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Haircut Time

I love Brett's curly locks, but his hair was getting a little out of control and was driving us both a little crazy. Saturday night after the football game, he'd had it and just wanted to cut it all off. Our obsessive-compulsive friend and neighbor, Chase Carlson (who trims his hair himself every two days and of course has a sweet set of clippers), was able to come over and trim up Brett's hair. I think Chase will be the family barber from now on....Chase, can we arrange monthly appointments?



Sunday, September 14, 2008

Summer Pics

I know, it's a little late for summer pics....but here's a few!
Huntington Beach

Padres Game

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lost and FOUND

Brett and I went on a little 3 week vacation at the end of June, early July. First to California then on to Colorado. Well after returning from our trip, I couldn't find my camera, or any of our gift cards we received as wedding gifts!! So for the last month and a half I've been losing my mind trying to think of where I might have left them, lost them, or if they could have been stolen??? The beach? The airport? Waterworld? Did I throw the gift cards away during one of my "too frequent de-junk the house" rampaids?

Last night, I had the random thought, I "hid" my camera in the back of Brett's parents car while we were in Denver. You know, behind the drivers seat, in those big pockets! It randomly and amazingly hit me that I put my camera behind the drivers seat when we all went to waterworld (didn't want it getting wet or stolen). Last night, Brett called his mom, had her check behind the drivers seat and whoala! Not only was my camera there, but a little metal tin with a bunch of gift cards were there as well!!!! Relief and a happy husband at last!! JK, Brett wasn't really mad, he just thought I threw the gift cards away while de-junking:)