Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Owen Turns Two!

For Owen's second birthday we threw him a little party with just a few of his buddies from the ward and his cousins.

Guess who boycotted his nap, just before the party?

We had a little bounce house party in our living room complete with balloons and Pandora's Toddler Radio Station blasting in the background (it's such a fun station for kids-check it out!).  And luckily, Owen's mood changed the second his friends arrived.  

I had big plans to make each of the kids a Dino cake, but failed miserably.  Cake decorating is not my thing.  So he got a simple sheet cake with the only Dino that kinda sorta turned out.  Luckily, he didn't seem to care.  

Although the two's have already been proven to be "terrible", Owen is also a lot of fun right now.  He is such a funny and goofy little boy, and gets so excited about so many things.  He loves running around in the nude, playing with his cars, new train set, and his Buzz and Woody dolls (can I call them dolls?).  I love listening to him play with his toys--he has such an imagination already and gets so focused on what he's doing.

And he really loves babies right now.  I'm hoping that lasts a few more months and he'll be excited about having a baby brother!    

Friday, February 17, 2012

All Grown Up...

Happy Birthday to our big TWO year old!  We love you! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Owen Lately...

I've been horrible at updating this blog.  I think my family would like see pictures of Owen and our family, and what we've been up to rather than all the food I post over here.

I'll try to do better.

I hardly use my camera anymore to take pictures of everything we're doing, the i-phone is just so much easier since I always have it with me.  So here's a little of what we've- or mostly Owen has been up to lately.

He's become quite the little helper.  He helps me in the kitchen...

likes to help clean the windows...

and loves rolling around in all the clean laundry.  

We've been playing with cousins...

and friends at the Dinosaur Museum.  

If we're home Owen is usually running around in the nude.

And constantly playing with his cars.  I've got dings all over the baseboards in kitchen from pushing cars across the floor and letting them smash into the baseboards.  

He went potty for the first time on the toilet about a month ago.  But he only likes going potty on his little toilet if and when it is his idea.  We are just trying to get acquainted with the idea.  

Owen will be two in just a couple of weeks.  I can't stand how big he's getting, but at least every once and a while I still get some snuggles from him.