Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend Get-Away to Colorado!!!

With the long Memorial Day weekend, Brett and I headed to Thornton to visit his parents!!! We had sooo much fun. It was just the break we needed from school, work, and life in Provo. It was hard to come back. We left early friday morning and came back late monday night. We jammed a whole lot of fun into just a couple of days! Brett's agenda consisted of eating at his favorite restaurants, Heaven Dragon & Wingman, watching the new Indiana Jones flick, and hittin' up the batting cages at Boondocs (Brett wanted to practice a lil' before his next softball game.)

Heaven Dragon is probably the best chinese food I've ever tasted, and Brett swears Wingman's got the best wings in the world. They were good, but I'm no wing critic, so I'll just take his word for it. We watched the first Indiana Jones to prep us and get us in the mood for the new one.
Here's us at the batting cages!

I'm pretty sure Sheri's better at batting than me....just look at her form:) No really, I quit half way through because the bat stung my hands and i was stinkin' it up!

The helmets were too small for Bretts head, and too dirty for mine. Who knows how many heads have been in those helmets. And do ya think they ever clean em? Ewww!

Saturday night I had my first experience playing dominoes at the Thornton's house with some of Craig & Sheri's friends. I wasn't sure how playing dominoes could be any fun but since it's a Denney favorite, I thought I should give it a try. It's definitely grown on me, I had fun. Plus, I ended up with some beginners luck and did pretty good, so that's always fun!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


The other day Brett had an intramural softball game, which as you can tell, he takes pretty seriously. He plays on a team with a bunch of his buddies and some of the other football players, and they are all pretty serious about it, even practicing once or twice a week! Anyways, this was the first game Brett could actually make so he was super stoked to play.

He even wore his ASA hat (Amateur Softball Association) that he usually wears for umping, and this old-school baseball tee, which might be a lil' small for the big boy!!! Haha, I love it though. And of course his mouth was packed full with his favorite Dill Pickle seeds!

UNFORTUNATELY, the other team no-showed, and the boys won by forfeit! But they weren't about to pass up the opportunity to play a little. So for the next hour they had a little batting practice. After about twenty minutes of that Brett was bored! He hopped on his friend's old bike and started riding it around the field and "riding the bases." He looked hilarious!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I need a hobby!!!

Brett recently started umpiring city league softball games three nights a week. Usually he works from 6pm-10pm, but some nights he works from 7pm-11pm. Ugggg!!! What's a girl supposed to do all by her lonesome? After working all day all I really wanna do is relax, but that's only fun when Brett and I can relax together, watch movies, or our favorite tv shows. Lately, I'll get home from work, we'll have dinner together, and then he gets ready to go. The last few nights he's worked I've been twiddling my thumbs thinking of things to do. Sad right? I go to the gym (but i only last a good hour there), which still allows time for twiddling my thumbs. I gave myself the best home-pedicure tonight, I guess that could become a weekly routine! ANYWAYS, WHAT I NEED IS A HOBBY. Everyone seems to have something they are good at and love to do, like scrap-booking or something artsy. Nope, not me. So I'm open to hear what some of YOUR hobbies are. What can I do to keep myself from dying of boredom, and feel like I'm being productive with my time???? HELP:)