Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lake Powell

We spent a week at Lake Powell with the McMullin Family (good family friends of the Denney family). John and Christy and their kids came, as well as Kimi!  Between everyone, we had nine kids on board so it was a little crazy, but so much fun to spend time with great people and enjoy the sun.  And of course there was great food;)

The water was freezing and Owen didn't love swimming in it or floating, but tried at least once a day! 
But he sure loved sitting on the side throwing rocks into the water (all.day.everyday)

Thank goodness for the kiddie pool on top of the houseboat!

Owen and Wes watching a movie eating otter pops.  Half the trip they were friends, half the trip they were screaming at each other:)

Each night, one family was in charge of dinner and an activity for everyone after wards.  John and Christy did Italian night and had everyone style/or slick back their hair a little Jersey Shore/Mafia-ish and played minute to win it. 

Me, Brett, and Kim did Mexican night and had a pinata for the kids.  Kimi made our pinata on the fly with a trash bag (both of us forgot to buy the pinata before we left).  The kids scored lots of candy so I don't they cared.

Just a random pic of Brett and I....

Martha and Crea had a Pirate Day (a McMullin-Powell tradition)! Everyone got their make-up done to look like pirates. 

Owen and Wes in their pirate hats...

They even had a treasure hunt, with a map, clues, and a real buried treasure!
The Pirate Booty....

One angry pirate...

 Pirate Day finished off with a Shrimp Boil!

Dan and Megan Griffin had a Meekus (mysterious sea creature) sighting that the kids got so excited about it. All week the kids were told Meekus wouldn't come get them if they were good kids.  Bummed I didn't get pictures of this one.

Late one night after kiddos were sleeping, the boys wanted to sneak attack John and Cade's buddies' houseboat that was at Lake Powell too. 
The girls came along and completely ruined the "top secret, stealth" style they had planned.  

There were a few downers to the trip...

Poor little Austin got hit in the face with an oar, was rushed to the Bullfrog ER and returned with 11 stitches! Tough little cookie.  

10 of the 24 passengers caught a stomach bug, which resulted in lots of nausea and vomiting. Not so fun when you're in tight quarters.  Brett, Owen and I were lucky enough not to catch it (at least no vomiting).

Overall, it was a great week! Thanks McMullins, and Meg and Dan for inviting us along!

Lastly, here is the Denney clan.  This was the last day and we had been cleaning the houseboat, so it was definitely not our finest moment for a picture.  But I knew Sheri would appreciate a family picture!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Summer is here.  Finally some warm weather in Utah.  

We plan on swimming lots, "splashing" at the splash pad, and eating lots of popsicles.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Family Fun Day...

Brett's company had their annual employee appreciation day at Lagoon on Friday.  The park was only open to Overstock employees and their families.  Maybe we should have taken full advantage of the opportunity to ride all the rides we wanted, with practically no lines to wait in, and gotten a sitter for Owen. 

But, we decided it was a family day so brought him along.  Nose-picking and all.

The Carousel was the only ride he could ride.  And he loved it. 

After Lagoon we went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy.  Our cousin Emily is doing an internship there so we thought it'd be fun to have her show us the ropes and fun for Owen. He crashed on the car ride so had just woken up.  He hardly noticed the little cockroach in front of him. 

He livened up once he saw the fishies, the frog statue, and a play boat to drive. 

We could sure get used to family fun days and four day work weeks for dad!