Friday, June 26, 2009

Welcome to the Working World

Brett started an internship this week with 8 Pillars, a financial coaching company, in Highland, Utah. Matt Bauman (Brett's teammate), recommended Brett to his aunt, who is the VP of the Coaching sector of the company. Brett's first day was Thursday. He'll work about 5 hours a day, but after 7:ooam workouts, then going to work until 3 or 4pm, it's a full-day of work for him. The first thing Brett said to me after his first day was, "Thanks for working all-day, everyday and not complaining about it." He's finally getting a taste of what I've been doing for 3 years!! But he's really excited about the work he's doing and the people he works with. Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, he will be trained and certified as the first, 8 Pillars Financial Coach! He's working hard and I'm so excited for the opportunity and experience he's getting. Plus, it's a paid internship so that's always a perk! Welcome to the working world babe!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday Night Lights

This show has CONSUMED our lives for the last week. We haven't been to bed before midnight. I dream about it at night, catch myself thinking about it throughout the day, and it's the topic of our conversation majority of the time. But that is what happens when you get completely hooked on a tv show like Friday Night Lights. And believe me, you will get hooked. We can never stop after one episode, so we don't even try. It usually turns into two or three night, and suddenly it's after midnight. This morning at 1:00am we finished the last episode of Season 1. But we immediately had to watch the first episode of Season 2; we couldn't be left hanging.
There are a few of you who know exactly what I'm talking about (Spence and Car--by the way this obsession is kind of your fault:) but thanks)
Anyone looking for a great show, this is it! It's incredible! It's heartwarming, suspenseful, intense, comedic. We laugh, I cry (Brett has been close). Its such a great television show.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Congrats to Karah and Joseph!

This past weekend Brett and I flew to Denver for my friend Karah's wedding. Karah was one of my good friends and teammates at Oregon State. I think we instantly bonded because were both Colorado girls! She and her husband, Joseph now live in Denver. The wedding was great, the bride was beautiful--Karah's dress was stunning!
Karah and her dad
The bride and groom
Kate, Allison, and I were able to spend the entire night catching up and reminiscing our college volleyball days! Hadn't seent these girls since 2006!
All of us with the bride

This is Kate's 10 month old little girl, Joy! She is the most adorable little red-head. Brett fell in love with her right away! He said we could have a red-headed baby if she was as cute as Joy! It's so crazy, yet amazing to see some of your friends be mothers!

Congrats to Karah and Joseph Reygers!