Monday, August 16, 2010


Brett turned 26 on Friday.  Sneaky me, tried to throw him a surprise pool party Thursday night.  However, it's kind of hard to make it a surprise at a pool...there really was no good place for us to hide.  And it didn't help that Brett had done a little snooping through my email earlier in the week and happened to know "something" was up. He just didn't know when. (He wasn't really snooping, he was just checking the status of an order and the info was in my email. Don't worry, I don't have an obsessive, controlling husband that monitors my emails.)

I left it up to his friend Todd to get him to the pool.  He had asked Brett to play in a city league softball game Thursday night because they were short players. They were on their way to the field and had to make a"quick stop" by Veteran's Pool in Provo to pick up the equipment from one of the guys on the team, Jason, who manages the pool and was working. That's when the surprise was no longer a surprise and Brett figured it out, and he happened to walk in right behind someone else walking in for the party.  Oh well.  It was still a dang good party.  Here's the proof.....

I was a bad mom and let Owen party with us too....he was pretty much in sleepy land.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What We've Been Up To....

We've been pretty busy around here and it's been all about friends and family lately! Let me see if I can recap it all.....

We spent the weekend of the 24th of July up in Logan with Collin and Traci Rothey.  We watched a parade, went on a hike, had a BBQ, and played one of our new favorite games, Scum.  We love the Rotheys and wish they lived closer!
 Owen's first hike.

Last weekend we had a Denney family reunion, which was fun for me because I got to meet several of the Denney peeps I hadn't met before. I married into a great family!

After the reunion we headed up to a cabin  in Eden, Utah with a bunch of friends.  It was kind of a final hurrah for everyone before Sky & Mel, Rob & Rach, and Mark moved away for graduate school.  The boys golfed, girls played tetris (yeah we are gamers), we made pizzas on the grill, and stayed up playing card games way too late

We also said goodbye to the Baumans this week, who are off to start their adventure in California.  They've been such great friends.  I really don't like that so many of our good friends have moved away over the last couple of years.... everyone please move back. Thanks.

Brett and I have been training for the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay in October. Brett just ran his farthest distance EVER, six miles, with me on Saturday.  He really hated running before this Ragnar thing, I still don't know how I convinced him to do it.

Other than that, Brett's been putting in lots of hours at work.  He's even working from home several nights a week.  But he loves his job (he moved from a buyer's assistant position to an analyst role), and it's great experience for him.

Of course Brett still has time to snuggle and watch TV with his buddy.

Speaking of the little man...Owen is working on sitting up (he can do about 5-10 seconds before he tips over), holds his bottle all by himself (amazing for us!), rolling all over the place, and he loves him some rice cereal + applesauce.  He sleeps like a champ through the night, but we are still working on napping.  Some days he takes two long naps, some days it's just one long nap with a couple of mini naps, and other days it's a cat-napping day all day.  I cherish the days he chooses to take longer naps:)  And I'm still waiting for Brett's buddy Todd, who claims to be a professional napper, to follow through on his offer to take Owen for a day and show him how it's done.

Our little all-star is growing up

Oh, and my mom left this morning to go back to Colorado.  She's been here all week attending convention for her bookstore.  I wish she lived was so nice to have her around. 

Okay, that was a little long winded but I think I got it all.