Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Peanut Butter Princess

So a few days ago Brett & I were driving to Grand Junction to exchange vehicles with my parents. They had let us drive their car back from the Alamosa reception so we could bring all of our wedding gifts back; my car is just way too small. Of course we packed some snacks for the trip & Brett brought a little container of peanut butter & a banana. One thing he may not have known about me before this little trip was my love for peanut butter....so let me just put this out there, I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! I know it's full of fat, high in calories, and really not the best for ya, but I can't help it, I love it!
As we were driving, I decided to finish off Brett's peanut butter with my apple. I really do love pb w/ apples, but Brett caught me using an apple slice as a spoon...and I happened to have pb all over my fingers & face (It difficult to get the pb out of the bottom of this container:) Anyways, Brett looked at me and just died laughing. He started calling me his Peanut Butter Princess!! Now, anytime I eat pb I get a little crap from him.
What can I say? I absolutely love peanut butter! I love it plain (yes by the spoonful), on breads, fruits, carrots (a little weird i know), and I absolutely love any dessert with peanut butter in it, and any peanut butter/chocolate combo is great!!! C'mon girls, I know I'm not alone on this one? Why is it so dang good? My absolute FAVORITE peanut butter treats that just happened to be super naughty are:

*Peanut Butter & Marshmallows melted on a tortilla (in the oven or microwave)
* Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies (and so easy)
* My mom's famous peanut butter balls (mmmm....melt in your mouth)
* PB & J's (of course)
* Peanut Butter Cheerio squares
* Peanut Butter on Pancakes:)

Now I know you're all thinking I pig out on peanut butter all day....I really don't eat these yummy treats very often. But I sure enjoy em when I do!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our big wedding day came and went, and now we're back to our normal lives in Provo, only as newlyweds....soo much fun! Our big wedding weekend lasted about five days. Brett & I left Provo Tuesday night after practice, got into Thornton Wednesday morning around 10:00am. Wednesday we got our marriage licence, Brett's tux, I did some shopping with the fam, and then went to the temple for my endowment. Afterwards we had a family dinner at Country Buffet...which was fun for our family & friends to mingle a little....then it was bye bye Brett & see ya in the morning:) Thursday the 13th we were sealed, had a reception that night in Thornton. Our big honeymoon getaway was at a resort in Colorado Springs for a night, then Saturday we drove to Alamosa (4hrs away, no big deal), for a reception there. Then Sunday morning, we hit the road again (8 hrs to Utah). Monday morning.....back to real life!!! It was a jam-packed weekend, with way too much traveling, but I wouldn't have done it any other way! It was so great, so fun. I'm not sure I cared what exactly happened after Thursday morning in the temple!!! After that, I was a married woman!! Both receptions really were absolutely amazing though, and our families were so generous and such troopers to do all of the traveling they did to be there!!!

ps. I didn't think to have someone take pictures with my own camera so I could update my blog asap, so unfortunately, i don't have many pictures yet....but i promise to get em up soon!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


The countdown is here!!! Brett & I are 1 WEEK away from gettin' hitched. As we count down, here is what I am looking forward to the most:

7: Not having to say goodnight! Right now, the hardest part about being engaged is having to say goodnight, then not getting to see Brett until after practice the next day!!! Plus, I hate getting into a cold car late at night. It'll be so nice not to have to leave each other :)
6: Going to bed early!!! Haha!!! Every married couple I know goes to bed at like 9:00p.m. Ok, maybe we won't go to bed that early, but it will be oh-so-nice to get a lil' more sleep than I have over the last 7 months! Maybe i can kick my diet coke/diet dr. pepper addiction, i won't need the caffeine to wake me up and keep me going. Jk, I'm not really an addict and we don't really stay up THAT late! Anyways, it'll just be nice to go to bed with Brett at a descent hour, we both definitely need it!
5. Having a boy as a roommate!! I've lucked out and had great girl roommates, no crazies or psychos, but I'm so excited to actually LIVE with Brett. Just me and him! I'm sure I have a few things to learn about living with a boy (one that i'm married to, it's gotta be different than living with three brothers growing up! ha!) I'm excited to learn new things about each other too:)
4. Having our first home together:) It's just an apartment, but it's big & spacious, & it'll be fun to make it our own home:)
3. I'm super excited to have lil' munchkin Denneys someday (actually i have a feeling they won't be so little). Even though this is a WAYS down the road for us, it is still exciting to think about having a FAMILY with Brett!
2. Just so you know, we are getting ready to leave as I write this!!!! Wow, it really is just two days away!!! I'm excited to sleep in on Saturday mornings together!!! Ohh that will be great!!!
1. Being sealed to Brett & our family forever & ever...yep we're stuck (in a great way!!!)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So me, my HOT roomies (Traci, Anna, & Jacinth) and my FAB girlfriends Jayci & Melissa, had one heck of a lil' party Saturday night! Brett was out with the boys (eating dinner and playing halo) while us girls went to dinner, out for ICE CREAM, and then had the craziest dance party 6 girls can have!! We started it with 44 oz Diet Dr. Peppers....yes we are all addicted:) With the 44 ounces of caffeine (plusthe diet sodas at dinner) the energy cranked up quite a bit. That can't be healthyright? But it was a one-time bachelorette SPLURGE! Ha ha!

The big day is 1 week and 1 day away! Ahhhhh! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!