Monday, April 23, 2012

The Tulip Festival & Thanksgiving Point

Saturday afternoon we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  The weather was amazing and Owen loved the Children's Discovery Gardens.  We'd never been before, but on the weekends they have vendors with food, crafts, and other fun stuff set up.  It was a zoo, but a really fun atmosphere!

I never even knew this man-made waterfall existed there. Perfect place to picnic in the future.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Owen woke up at the crack of dawn Easter morning. We failed to buy a basket for him this year, so he got everything stuffed in his Egg-hunting basket from the day before. 

And out of everything he got he was most excited about the giant chocolate bunny sucker.  And ate it for breakfast at 6am.

A few pics after church....

Love my handsome boys! 

We spent the afternoon lounging, went for a walk, got to skype with Granmda Jean, and then Kimi came down for a nice, yet non-traditional Easter Dinner. And of course she brought Owen more Easter goodies!  We are grateful to have her so close to spend holidays with! 

Easter Egg Hunting

Saturday we spent the day Easter Egg hunting! We started with the Highland City Egg Hunt then hit BYU's first annual Easter Egg Hunt with Cosmo at the football stadium.  


The Highland City Egg Hunt allowed each kid to pick up one empty egg in exchange for a bag of candy at the end.  Good thing Owen didn't really have a clue what was going on. He was perfectly happy with his bag of candy!

Cosmo's Egg Hunt at the stadium was crazy! There were so many people and over 5,000 eggs on the field.  

Waiting to start Owen may have cheated a little and put some candy and eggs that were too close to resist in his bucket.  

And then I may have done most of the collecting once the whistle blew.  Despite the crowd, Owen got lots of candy! 

Owen saw his buddy Jack there! Jack was super excited about all the candy he got too! (ps we are so happy the George's are back in Provo and these two can be buddies!)

They gave everyone tickets to he BYU Baseball game afterwards so we went with our friends the Bergeron's (who were also at the Egg Hunt but we got separated in all the craziness and didn't get any pics!).  Owen and Izzy are good buds and they loved watching the game and eating popcorn.  

We finished off the day dying Easter Eggs and then this little guy went straight to bed.  He was tuckered out!