Monday, June 28, 2010

I love to hear Owen's giggles, even if I make a fool of myself trying.

Now if I could just get him to keep his hands out of his mouth!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

These Guys.....

have been friends since their freshman year at BYU, some, even longer that that.

they've played on the same intramural softball team together, The Lost Boys, for who knows how long. But spring after spring, and summer after summer, they play. I feel like they are the grown up boys from The Sandlot.

they all travel long distances to be there when one of them gets married. Like this wedding in Sacramento for Cory & Bree.

they digress significantly in maturity when they get together (a direct quote from Melissa), and so true.

they do things like this....sometimes Brett even gets into a little bit of trouble with them (ask me about his most recent shenanigans he pulled with his friends).

They call themselves The Family. I guess that's what they've been for each other through college.

Lucky for me, I really like these guys. I got to know them pretty well when Brett and I were dating. We were always doing things with his friends. Some of them are married now too, and have awesome wives. So we can put up with them together!

This last weekend in Sacramento I just kept thinking about what great friends they are. I think their friendship is pretty unique and pretty rare, especially for guys.

I hope it never changes for them.

Since Brett would never get all sentimental about his friends, I thought I would.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy First Father's Day!

Brett was lucky enough to spend his first Father's Day DRIVING all day (we were on our way back from California). Let's just say he didn't get to relax, get pampered, or even get his favorite meal the like he should have. We will just have to re-celebrate next Sunday.

Happy First Father's Day Brett. Thank you for driving us home safely:) Thanks for being a great husband and great dad to Owen-WE LOVE YOU!
PS...You are one handsome fella!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Rice Cereal, Yum!

We sat Owen in his bumbo the first time we tried to feed him rice cereal, but he wasn't having it. He was spitting it out and gagging. So the next night Brett suggested we try feeding it to him while he's in the tub, his happy place. It worked like a charm and he gobbled it ALL up.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun With the Fam

Last weekend we drove home to Alamosa for my youngest brother Justin's high school graduation and Memorial Day weekend. The whole family was there, which meant my parents were in heaven! The last time we were all together there were only 2 grandchildren for them to love on, this time there were 5.

Justin and Crew. He's so great with the little ones! I can't believe he is graduated from High School and getting ready for his mission. He should get his call next week!!!

All of us at my Grandma Sally's Playing down by the River

My grandma's first time meeting Owen! Memorial Day we all went to visit my Grandpa's grave.

Gracelyn and Owen Owen with his new twin cousins Tenley (left) and Quincy (right). They are just 6 weeks. Owen looks like a tank next to them:) Owen and I stayed a whole week in Alamosa, as well as Spence and Car and their girls. Everyone else left Memorial Day. It was so great to just relax at home, spend time together, and take care of babies together....that really is all we did. I loved it.
Owen did pretty good for his first time traveling. He hardly slept on the drive out, but he didn't scream the entire way like I thought he might (since he loves his car seat so much). We flew back to Salt Lake and he did great, slept the whole way! I did struggle just a little trying to get through the airport by myself with Owen, a stroller, car seat, luggage to check, diaper bag, etc. but I'll take the 1 1/2 hr flight over the 8 hr car ride ANY day!!!
Here are some recent favs of Owen....