Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy First Father's Day!

Brett was lucky enough to spend his first Father's Day DRIVING all day (we were on our way back from California). Let's just say he didn't get to relax, get pampered, or even get his favorite meal the like he should have. We will just have to re-celebrate next Sunday.

Happy First Father's Day Brett. Thank you for driving us home safely:) Thanks for being a great husband and great dad to Owen-WE LOVE YOU!
PS...You are one handsome fella!


Collin and Traci said...

good choice on the tie! looks great!

Mark & Katie said...

We were driving home from Las Vegas on Father's Day too. Our poor husbands.

Crystal said...

haha! cute :) and it's ok, spencer didnt get pampered as i would've liked either because he had a lot of family in town.... and i only wanted to pamper him....not EVERYONE!! haha.