Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Arrival of Miles Clyde Denney


Miles Clyde Denney arrived Thursday, June 14th at 2:06 pm.  I was able to have a successful Vbac, and although it was a long labor and a little scary, it was totally worth it!  It was such an amazing and miraculous experience, and I'm so grateful Brett and I got to share it together. Plus, my recovery has been a breeze compared to having a C-section! 

Since this was my first experience with a vaginal delivery, I wanted to document it...if you're not into the deets, just skip ahead to the pictures! 

(first family photo)

I started having contractions Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday evening they were 5-7 minutes apart and unbearable, so we headed to the hospital.  After being there for four hours and getting some pain medication, I wasn't dilating and got sent homeI cried. I couldn't go home in this much pain.  I was sure I was have a baby Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.  But boy was I wrong.  So I labored at home all through the night and by seven in the morning went back in. I was dilated to a 4 and 90% effaced.  Whew...I was staying. 

And then I got that beautiful thing called an epidural! I was on cloud nine...and labor was like a party.

Over the next four hours I didn't progress much at all and my contractions were slowing down.  My doctor and nurse were monitoring baby Miles closely as his heart rate would occasionally drop after contractions.  At one point, his heart rate dropped too low for too long.  Hearing that slow of a heart beat was the scariest thing.  And having doctors and nurses rush into my room in a panic and prep and rush me to the OR for an emergency C-section made it even more terrifying.

But by time we got to the OR and baby hooked up to monitors again, his heart rate picked up.  For the next half hour it stayed up so I was wheeled back to my room to deliver. My body was shaking and trembling, but within an hour and a half my sweet baby was here.Everything progressed quickly that and I had a beautiful, healthy baby boy in my arms! 

Owen opening his gift from Miles (superhero toys of course)

Owen wanted nothing to do with me- I think seeing me in a hospital bed was a little scary- but he sure warmed up to baby Miles right away.

My mom watched him while we were in the hospital but first thing in the morning and throughout the day Owen asked her to go see baby.

Ready to go home!

Miles is just over one week old and we are eating him up! My mom was here helping me for a week and I can't imagine doing this without her.  She was so good to play with Owen and take him on little outings.  It meant so much to me for him to feel special too while most of my attentions was on Miles, and she did just that!  Plus, she was a huge help with meals, laundry, and cleaning! 

Next week, I might just fall apart without her.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Getting Sentimental (aka I'm 38 weeks Pregnant!)

I've been really bad at updating our family blog, and even though I tell myself this a thousand times, I'm going to do better.

As my due date approaches and we are about to become a family of four, I think back on these last nine months and ask myself, "What have we been doing?" I'm not really sure, it's all kind of a blur, because I've been terrible about documenting it.


Owen is about to be a big brother and will no longer be our "baby".  I think about how much he's changed and grown up in just the last nine months and wish I'd been better at writing down all of it. Have I even mentioned he's potty trained?!? Did I even write about the time he pooped his pants at the very top of the McDonald's play place and I (7 1/2 months pregnant) had to climb to the top and carry him down those narrow stairwells? 

  He's about to lose all of the attention and while I'm so excited to welcome our new little boy, it makes me sad to think Owen might feel slightly neglected....and that his world might just really be get rocked.  Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I'm a little worried about the adjustment. 

He can be feisty and still throws some nasty tantrums, but can also be the sweetest boy.  Here, he was so excited to bring me breakfast in bed on Mother's day:)

And he's also a really good dancer.  He loves watching So You Think You can Dance with us and tries to mimic what the dancers are doing.  It's hilarious...but I think it's a Denney thing.  He's got some cousins that know how to move it! 


Brett keeps telling Owen "When baby brother is here you and me are gonna be the best of buds, because mommy is going to need to help the baby a lot." He tells him we'll do lots of fun things together and play lots of fun games.  Hearing that and seeing pictures like this, make me smile. 


I've got a week and a few days until my due date.  I'm playing the waiting game...questioning every little pain and cramp or slight discomfort.  Every night I think to myself, "Tonight could be the night" or "Tomorrow could be the day,"  but in reality, I could very well be a good week or more from delivering.  I'm trying a Vbac this time since baby isn't breech and I'm excited for the experience.  I could still end up needing a c-section depending on how the delivery goes, so I'm not completely getting my hopes up.  But I thought I at least needed to give it a try.

So other than being 38 weeks prego, a little OCD about cleaning (dang you nesting!), and extremely anxious to meet our little guy, we've been trying to keep busy (which has been pretty easy with the warm weather and start of summer).

The splash pad is practically our front yard so we've had fun playing there.  

And Owen has been having so much fun with all of his buddies.