Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Dirty Dash

Six miles of trail-running, obstacle courses, and mud.  We got d.i.r.t.y. 
  The Blomquists got dirty with us...

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Coolest Kid He's Ever Met.!

We finally got in for Owen's 6 month checkup (only a month late.)
We had to wait for almost an hour to be seen.  Owen didn't mind though.. he was too busy loving himself in the mirror.  Or maybe he thought he was playing with another baby? Either way, "he" was the coolest kid he's ever met.

For the record, Owen weighs 17.8 lbs and is 26.5 in. long. 
He's healthy and growing like a weed. 

I wonder why? 


Monday, September 20, 2010

My baby is 7 months old....

How in the world did he grow up so fast?

At 7 months Owen is hungry all the time.  He wants to eat anything and everything, especially when we are eating.
He has 1 tooth and another on its way.
Has decided to be a much better napper:)
He army crawls everywhere.
Is mommas boy for sure, but gets excited when dad gets home.
He loves other kids and flaps his arms (or wings) when he gets excited. Just like his cousin Brocky.
Has the cutest darn laugh in the world. 
 He hates to have his nose wiped or face cleaned.
He makes it almost impossible to change a diaper
Likes to sing when he hears music. (at least that's what I call it)
Babbles all day long. Likes to scream.
And he loves to bounce.

Every night before I go to bed I go in and peek at him.  Every bone in my body wants to pick him up and just snuggle him for a while.  Sometimes I give in.  Just sometimes. It's the best.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I've been playing around with my blog for the last hour trying to give it a new look.  Is this as difficult and frustrating for anyone else as it is for me.?  I'm just not blog-design savvy, or whatever you call it, so, I give up. 

The only thing I like about the current "situation" I've got going on on my blog, is that it speaks of fall.  I love the cool, crisp weather, the pumpkin-ness, the leaves.  I'm ready for you fall.

Oh, and I like the pic of Brett and makes me smile...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Elder Mortensen

We dropped Justin off at the MTC on Wednesday.  Tear.  I actually didn't cry.  I was warned by Tyler to keep it together so I didn't make it any harder for him.  The whole "dropping off at the curb" thing wasn't as bad as I expected.  Me, my mom, and my dad ALL held it together, and so did Justin. (My mom may have shed some tears once we got back in the car and drove off. Butt hen I made her do a little shopping! I think it least temporarily)  Anyways, as we dropped him off, it actually felt really good, we were all just felt right.

But I'll tell ya, that place was a ZOO; missionaries getting dropped off left and right, cars bumper to bumper, families everywhere.  It might have been what distracted us and kept us all from balling and making a scene.  We did see a few of those.

Before our goodbyes, we took the missionary to one of the best places to eat in Provo....J-Dawgs.  It was a first-time experience for my parents as well.  We finished the dawgs off with some frozen yogurt...Justin loves the stuff.  I'm afraid he might have gone into the MTC smelling of polish dog & sauerkraut! Nice!

Oh, I'm gonna miss this kid.  I made sure to take pics of him this's gonna be a while 'til we see his  cute freckly face!

See ya in two years buddy....we'll be thinking of you, praying for you, and missing you!!


I know, I know, we've kinda been MIA in the blog world.  But we've been having too much fun with family!

Two weekends ago, we ventured to Alamosa to go home for my "little" brother Justin's mission farewell.  (Guess he's not that little anymore.)  Brett was able to come for the quick weekend then had to get back for work on Tuesday, but Owen and I were able to stay a week and a half and spend time with the family.  I'm so glad I got to spend a couple weeks with Justin before he left for two years.  I can't believe Owen will be 2 1/2 by the time he gets home.  Maybe, just maybe, we'll even have another one.  But I don't even want to think about that  right now.  Justin is easily the favorite uncle to all the nieces and nephews...he's so great with them! He certainly knows how to make 'em all laugh!

We tried to jam a lot of fun in while we were all together....bbq's, shrimp boil, tennis, golfing, swimming, Just Dance on the Wii, and other silly games.  I tried to take lots of pics....but sadly failed to get good ones of Justin.  I know, terrible.

 Tenley & Quincy....cute as bugs
Cute lil' Crew
Not happy about the bow mom!
Great Grandma Sally with the kiddos

Craig and Sheri came down to visit before Owen and I headed back to Utah with my parents and Justin (to take him to the MTC).  Sheri couldn't stand the thought of her grandson being only a few hours away and not being able to see him.  Is it weird that mine and Brett's parents get along so well that Brett didn't even have to be there for them to come down?!?  I LOVE IT! It feels like we are all just family. They stayed a night and we just all hung out, played games, and they got lots of play time with Owen.