Friday, September 3, 2010

Elder Mortensen

We dropped Justin off at the MTC on Wednesday.  Tear.  I actually didn't cry.  I was warned by Tyler to keep it together so I didn't make it any harder for him.  The whole "dropping off at the curb" thing wasn't as bad as I expected.  Me, my mom, and my dad ALL held it together, and so did Justin. (My mom may have shed some tears once we got back in the car and drove off. Butt hen I made her do a little shopping! I think it least temporarily)  Anyways, as we dropped him off, it actually felt really good, we were all just felt right.

But I'll tell ya, that place was a ZOO; missionaries getting dropped off left and right, cars bumper to bumper, families everywhere.  It might have been what distracted us and kept us all from balling and making a scene.  We did see a few of those.

Before our goodbyes, we took the missionary to one of the best places to eat in Provo....J-Dawgs.  It was a first-time experience for my parents as well.  We finished the dawgs off with some frozen yogurt...Justin loves the stuff.  I'm afraid he might have gone into the MTC smelling of polish dog & sauerkraut! Nice!

Oh, I'm gonna miss this kid.  I made sure to take pics of him this's gonna be a while 'til we see his  cute freckly face!

See ya in two years buddy....we'll be thinking of you, praying for you, and missing you!!


Laura said...

congrats to Justin! hope he's surviving his first weekend in the mtc! he looked so happy - what a great missionary!

Bryson Mortensen said...

I think that J-Dawgs is a WAY better place to go than where we went when I went to the MTC; Brick Oven. I was so sick afterwards that the whole MTC thing wasn't very enjoyable. AND THANK GOODNESS they got rid of that depressing good-bye meeting they used to do! Worst thing ever!

K said...

That photo of Justin and Owen is PRICELESS!!! We are excited to have Justin serving in our neck of the woods!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Gulp...I just got a frog in my throat! How exciting for Justin!

Natalie & Aaron said...

Oh I remember when justin was just a baby...seriously! Wow time goes by fast we are sure proud of him...he'll do awesome. Owen is adorable love the cute videos.