Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tour De Donuts

Brett competed in his first bike race earlier this month, the Tour De Donuts.  The concept of the race is just crazy.  The course consisted of three laps, about 7 miles each.  In between the first and second laps, riders had to jump off their bikes and eat as many donuts as they could (or wanted to).  Then, they'd jump back on their backs and ride again.

For each donut they ate, they got 3 minutes subtracted off their time.

Crazy right?   Of course Brett was good at this. He took second place overall. The guy that beat him ate 32 donuts. 

There were boxes and boxes like this.  I've never seen so many donuts.

Owen wanted to participate in the donut eating part, but he maxed out at two.  He had fun cheering on dad, wearing his metal, and playing with Miles.