Tuesday, June 22, 2010

These Guys.....

have been friends since their freshman year at BYU, some, even longer that that.

they've played on the same intramural softball team together, The Lost Boys, for who knows how long. But spring after spring, and summer after summer, they play. I feel like they are the grown up boys from The Sandlot.

they all travel long distances to be there when one of them gets married. Like this wedding in Sacramento for Cory & Bree.

they digress significantly in maturity when they get together (a direct quote from Melissa), and so true.

they do things like this....sometimes Brett even gets into a little bit of trouble with them (ask me about his most recent shenanigans he pulled with his friends).

They call themselves The Family. I guess that's what they've been for each other through college.

Lucky for me, I really like these guys. I got to know them pretty well when Brett and I were dating. We were always doing things with his friends. Some of them are married now too, and have awesome wives. So we can put up with them together!

This last weekend in Sacramento I just kept thinking about what great friends they are. I think their friendship is pretty unique and pretty rare, especially for guys.

I hope it never changes for them.

Since Brett would never get all sentimental about his friends, I thought I would.


Kaija said...

pretty amazing and awesome.

Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} said...

Awww...what a cute post. That's a blessing because of the friends you'll make through them. Sharee's one of my best friends that I met through John's friend (Garet). Brett has always been the most social out of the boys. I like the gold suits.

Jake and Shannon Box said...

Sorry I'm just getting back to you! I'm so glad you found our blog. I plan to keep tabs on you guys. Hope to hang out again soon! P.S. Owen is so stinkin' cute!

Kristina said...

I love this.

Crystal said...

guys will be guys.... lol.

...and to answer ur questions...no, i do not breastfeed. she just wouldn't take me. i would be practically fighting for her 2 breastfeed, and once i put the bottle in her mouth she'd suck like crazy. so i stopped at 6 weeks. pumping really didn't appeal to me at all. so no, i dont have that 2 help me out in the weight loss department.

...and u have to try zumba!! it is such a great workout! i take hina 2 the daycare all the time and bcuz she's like the youngest she always gets special treatment and is held the entire time. lol. :) and since ive gotten the golds pass ive had a lot of luck in the weight loss dept. so i think im going 2 be just fine. all those zumba, pilates & turbo kick classes seem to be working. :) and now MY comment is ridiculously long!!

Ana Lee said...

I remember some of those guys from my freshman year. Brett and I must have had freshman year in Helaman Halls together :) How awesome to have such great ties. Friendships like that are the best.

Todd Utterback said...

Cute post Kristy.

If the 'trouble' you are eluding to is about when you grounded me from Brett, then I feel obliged to mention that we weren't even grounded from each other for a whole week. So it must not have been THAT bad.


Abbey Zmoos said...

They are the cutest bunch of boys and I love them to death! I am grateful for the support they have been for each other over the years. Yay for the family!