Thursday, March 6, 2008


The countdown is here!!! Brett & I are 1 WEEK away from gettin' hitched. As we count down, here is what I am looking forward to the most:

7: Not having to say goodnight! Right now, the hardest part about being engaged is having to say goodnight, then not getting to see Brett until after practice the next day!!! Plus, I hate getting into a cold car late at night. It'll be so nice not to have to leave each other :)
6: Going to bed early!!! Haha!!! Every married couple I know goes to bed at like 9:00p.m. Ok, maybe we won't go to bed that early, but it will be oh-so-nice to get a lil' more sleep than I have over the last 7 months! Maybe i can kick my diet coke/diet dr. pepper addiction, i won't need the caffeine to wake me up and keep me going. Jk, I'm not really an addict and we don't really stay up THAT late! Anyways, it'll just be nice to go to bed with Brett at a descent hour, we both definitely need it!
5. Having a boy as a roommate!! I've lucked out and had great girl roommates, no crazies or psychos, but I'm so excited to actually LIVE with Brett. Just me and him! I'm sure I have a few things to learn about living with a boy (one that i'm married to, it's gotta be different than living with three brothers growing up! ha!) I'm excited to learn new things about each other too:)
4. Having our first home together:) It's just an apartment, but it's big & spacious, & it'll be fun to make it our own home:)
3. I'm super excited to have lil' munchkin Denneys someday (actually i have a feeling they won't be so little). Even though this is a WAYS down the road for us, it is still exciting to think about having a FAMILY with Brett!
2. Just so you know, we are getting ready to leave as I write this!!!! Wow, it really is just two days away!!! I'm excited to sleep in on Saturday mornings together!!! Ohh that will be great!!!
1. Being sealed to Brett & our family forever & ever...yep we're stuck (in a great way!!!)


The Denneys said...

Less than a week away now!!! By the way I am not ignoring your tag. We get an internet signal for about 5 minutes a day. I need to call someone about it. I amazed I had enough time to leave this comment or do Austin's b-day post. Saying goodnight is so hard. That is one great thing about marriage. I remember before we got married the song "Wouldn't be nice" by the beach boys told it exactly how I felt. See you soon!

Cade & Heather McMullin said...

One week!!! WOW that is so close. I love your cute engaged excitement. It makes me so happy to be married. You two will be so cute!! YAY! YAY!

Colt 'n Tami said...

CHEERS to gettin hitched! WAHOOO for the wedding road trip!!! Love ya guys

ryan and laura said...

so excited for you guys.....just a couple days now! see you in denver!

Lindsey Hoffmann said...

Kristy! I found your blog! Good luck with all your wedding stuff this week. I'm so happy for you. Lets keep in touch with all this fun blogging stuff,
Lindsey Hoffmann

Megan Griffin said...

KRISTY!!! THE WEDDING IS THIS THURSDAY!!!!! Can you believe how fast that went?! I hope you guys have a wonderful day with great weather (it rained the day Danny and I got married in the Denver temple and I missed out on the temple photo shoot) We will be in Utah and miss the whole thing but I'll get updates from my mom! ;)