Monday, March 24, 2008

Our big wedding day came and went, and now we're back to our normal lives in Provo, only as newlyweds....soo much fun! Our big wedding weekend lasted about five days. Brett & I left Provo Tuesday night after practice, got into Thornton Wednesday morning around 10:00am. Wednesday we got our marriage licence, Brett's tux, I did some shopping with the fam, and then went to the temple for my endowment. Afterwards we had a family dinner at Country Buffet...which was fun for our family & friends to mingle a little....then it was bye bye Brett & see ya in the morning:) Thursday the 13th we were sealed, had a reception that night in Thornton. Our big honeymoon getaway was at a resort in Colorado Springs for a night, then Saturday we drove to Alamosa (4hrs away, no big deal), for a reception there. Then Sunday morning, we hit the road again (8 hrs to Utah). Monday morning.....back to real life!!! It was a jam-packed weekend, with way too much traveling, but I wouldn't have done it any other way! It was so great, so fun. I'm not sure I cared what exactly happened after Thursday morning in the temple!!! After that, I was a married woman!! Both receptions really were absolutely amazing though, and our families were so generous and such troopers to do all of the traveling they did to be there!!!

ps. I didn't think to have someone take pictures with my own camera so I could update my blog asap, so unfortunately, i don't have many pictures yet....but i promise to get em up soon!


The Meis' Family said...

Your dress is so pretty! I wish that I could've seen it up close. Congrats again! Being married is the best ever. Well next to having kids. :)

The Meis' Family said...
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