Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday Night Lights

This show has CONSUMED our lives for the last week. We haven't been to bed before midnight. I dream about it at night, catch myself thinking about it throughout the day, and it's the topic of our conversation majority of the time. But that is what happens when you get completely hooked on a tv show like Friday Night Lights. And believe me, you will get hooked. We can never stop after one episode, so we don't even try. It usually turns into two or three night, and suddenly it's after midnight. This morning at 1:00am we finished the last episode of Season 1. But we immediately had to watch the first episode of Season 2; we couldn't be left hanging.
There are a few of you who know exactly what I'm talking about (Spence and Car--by the way this obsession is kind of your fault:) but thanks)
Anyone looking for a great show, this is it! It's incredible! It's heartwarming, suspenseful, intense, comedic. We laugh, I cry (Brett has been close). Its such a great television show.


Kristina said...

Amen, amen!! Jan and I went through that addiction/late nights/constantly talking about it phase last year.

It's so good. And Tim Riggins is so hot.

It's also JUST trashy enough to keep you hooked. Ha ha. Our guilty-pleasure. Love it.

Kellie Knapp said...

I've been considering becoming obsessed with this show!!!! I'm just looking for the right time... like the next time one of us is sick and can have an excuse to sit around all day and night!!! Thanks for the motivations..oh, and.... WE MISS YOU!

FNL said...

If you get hooked, then hang it up. You'll never get out. I wish you could have been a part of the thinking it was over after S3, but then getting the news that it was picked up for TWO MORE seasons.

Spence and Car said...

WE Just finished season 3 last night, and have no idea what to do next, we are super excited to watch it in live action this fall on tv. glad you guys love it, i love landry..akalance and tyra is the prettest chicka in the world, the matts grandma its simply a great show