Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Family Fun Day...

Brett's company had their annual employee appreciation day at Lagoon on Friday.  The park was only open to Overstock employees and their families.  Maybe we should have taken full advantage of the opportunity to ride all the rides we wanted, with practically no lines to wait in, and gotten a sitter for Owen. 

But, we decided it was a family day so brought him along.  Nose-picking and all.

The Carousel was the only ride he could ride.  And he loved it. 

After Lagoon we went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy.  Our cousin Emily is doing an internship there so we thought it'd be fun to have her show us the ropes and fun for Owen. He crashed on the car ride so had just woken up.  He hardly noticed the little cockroach in front of him. 

He livened up once he saw the fishies, the frog statue, and a play boat to drive. 

We could sure get used to family fun days and four day work weeks for dad!


Colt 'n Tami said...

FUN!!!!! CHEERS to family days! Owen is such a lil STUD, what a hunk, he's getting SOOOOooooo big! I think we're WAY over do to have our little ones hang out, us too of course!!!!! We'll be down like the 20th for a week or so, lets play then! MUAH!

Joo Lin said...

We love family days! We usually choose to to take the girls also. Seoul loves the carousel as well... it's fun to see kids discover new things!