Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching Up

I've been such a slacker with the blogging lately. I'm trying to play catch up, and hopefully I can stay caught up! I had a blast with my family (missed ya Ash, Crew, and Carly) down in Albuquerque for the BYU vs UNM game a few weeks ago. I didn't come home with many pictures, like usual. But it was great to spend time with my family since I wouldn't be seeing them for Thanksgiving this year.

Of course, Gracelyn was the center of attention the entire weekend

She loved Cosmo!
Loved cheering for BYU
And she was pretty intriqued with the baby in my tummy!


Ana Lee said...

haha that is such an adorable pic of her touching your belly.

Mark & Katie said...

Kristy, You are tiny for being 6 months along.