Friday, April 30, 2010

Ramblings on a Friday Night

We are watching the Jazz/Nuggets game. Well, I'm not really watching. I'm blogging instead.
We just put Owen to bed and I'm fighting the urge to go get him and snuggle him while he sleeps. Instead, I'll just think about him and share a little bit about him.
He is super SMILEY. I love his smiles and I am dying to hear him giggle!
He is happiest in the morning (definitely doesn't get this from his dad, lol).
He is sleeping through the night! It's fabulous and gives me a new appreciation for sleep.
When the kid gets hungry he has very little patience...he wants his milk NOW
He's already a mama's boy and I LOVE it.
He burps, passes gas, and poops like a champ! He's such a boy.
Likes to hear his dad whistle (the Denneys are whistlers)
He's real good at spitting up all over me
He doesn't like laying on his tummy
He likes sucking on his fist or hand...they're starting to replace the Binky
He gets fixated on lights.
He's been to church twice and was surprisingly reverent.
He enjoys car rides, but only for about 10 minutes before he want to get out.
His hair is actually growing. We might be able to do some "styling" soon.
Likes to do tricks with his dad (aka balancing acts)
He's figured out the "fake cry"
But gets tears now when it's real.
Loves his swing.
Still loves bath time.
Did I mention he likes to smile??? I can't get enough of these...
I LOVE being a mom and I am SO glad I've decided to stay at home with Owen. I was considering going back to work part-time. But when it came down to it, I couldn't imagine leaving my lil' guy. I miss people though. I'm such a people person. It's kind of an adjustment from being around people all day every day to being at home alone, talking to a baby all day. (Just to be clear, I absolutely LOVE Owen, love talking to him, cooing and babbling with him) Please tell me some of you mothers understand?
Most of the time, I read while Owen is napping. The Denney's would be proud. When Brett and I were dating, I wasn't familiar with the book Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now! by Dr. Seuss, so they assumed I didn't read as a child, or as an adult (but I really do)! I'm trying to develop some other hobbies/talents too. Any suggestions? Any book suggestions too?
I look forward to evenings and weekends when we can all 3 be together. I wait anxiously for Brett to get home from work. And weekends are the best because we get two whole days of Brett, it's so great!! Now all we need is some warm, sunny weather so we can play outside.
Well I guess that's enough rambling for one night.
I love my baby boy. I love my husband. I love being a mom. Life is good.


AaReAn said...

oh he is so dang cute! My friend Linley loves to read and she always posts books she likes...check it out here:

Kimi D said...

do i see a hint of brett's one-sided smile in that photo?

MEG said...

Girl, I can relate. (on a few things). I remember feeling like I had a crush on Axton when he was first born. I couldn't stand putting him down for a nap because I wanted to go in his room and bug him. Things are a little different with Gabe. I'm just happy if I can get him to sleep and go take a shower. lol

I've noticed I'm a little loney too being home from work. I have a lot of thoughts and I find myself looking to put them down on my blog because I don't really have anyone to chat with about it all day long like I would have at work. Thats why I need to come and visit you. I owe you a drink. ;)

I'll text you this next week, mkay?

Joo Lin said...

Congrats on graduation and "growing up" - it's such good times! You guys are such a sweet little family!

Owen is a doll and his smiles are adorable! I hear ya on the randomly feeling lonely because of less adult interaction. It's a big adjustment going from working full-time to being at home. I'm glad you love it, though.. it's absolutely the best!

Laura said...

being a mom is awesome! i'm glad that you decided to stay home with owen! i cant imagine leaving my babies either...except now it's like an escape to just get out for a while! can you and owen come play with us over here sometime? kate and alli would love it!

Tyler and Ashley Mortensen said...

Im so happy for you being able to stay home!! You will love it! And you are such a great momma :) I love how much u love your boys! Your such a sweetie!!

Kellie Knapp said...

I know how you can fix your lonliness in the day... MOVE TO MONTANTA and live with us!!! PROBLEM SOLVED! :) I feel ya, girl. I love love love my kids, but I would PAY someone for some adult conversation.... we should plan phone dates :) MISS YOU!

Mark & Katie said...

Kristy, I was the same way. I had planned to go back to work, but I didn't want Ella to be baby sat all the time. I love staying home but it does get boring sometimes. We should really get together soon. I know our babies are little but maybe when it warms up a little more we could go to the park or something. I'm going to buy a pool pass this summer. I'm excited for it to warm up. Owen is so adorable. I love his smiles. It's so fun when they start giggling. Ella has just barely started and I love it. I'm always trying to get her to laugh. Being a mom is so much fun!

Mary said...

omgooodness! he is soo cute! congrats you two. he looks like brett - what a cutie. hope you guys are doing well!!

Kaija said...

what a darling photo!!!

Crystal said...

totally know what u mean when u go from seeing people all day everyday to being confined to a house and a baby all day every day. its a huuuge adjustment.i still like it though. it just took a little bit to get used to. glad u love motherhood! :) didnt realize our babies are exactly one month apart.