Thursday, July 8, 2010

Denney's Christmas in July

The 4th of July has been known as "Christmas in July" for the Denney family. It's usually the only time everyone gets together. Thursday we headed to Denver for a jam packed weekend of fun and celebration for the 4th. All 17 of us camped out at Craig & Sheri's. We BBQ'd with the Thornton's at their lake, watched Fireworks, the boys golfed, hit up Waterworld, played games, took family photos, ate entirely too much, and slept way too little. That's what family vaca's are about.

Thanks Craig and Sheri for the fun!


Laura said...

look how cute they all are! next time remind me to wash alli's face....ha ha!

see you tomorrow bright and early!

Bryson Mortensen said...

Hey guys! posting on the blog so you can find us...its the "we're not in kansas anymore" one... Good seeing you tonight!

Crystal said...

wow! traveling again. how fun!! happy late 4th of july!!