Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ragnar Pics....lots of them.

I still can't get over how fun Ragnar was!  Or how sore the entire lower half of my body was for the entire week afterward.  Sitting in a car for several hours, running 7 miles, sitting, running, then sitting and running again was seriously rough on the booty, hammies, quads, and calves.  Next time I think we'll consider warming up, cooling down, and stretching before and after each run.  I don't know what happened to our common sense during the race. 

Here's a glimpse of our team's adventure...
 The start line

 Traci was our first runner.  She always got our team off to a strong start.  Her very first leg of the race, she seriously booked it.  We almost didn't get to the exchange in time.  Oops. 
Emily was up next.  Her first leg was straight up hill and she killed it.  She's a personal trainer in Vegas of course she's got them rockin' abs!  You should have heard the whispers as she came running into the exchange.   

Collin was  our third runner.  I'm pretty sure he just climbed a monstrous hill as well.  C'mon Collin, it really wasn't that easy was it? 

 Up next was Brett.   Can't believe I converted this guy into a runner, at least temporarily.  He trained hard and ran more than he ever had to get ready.  He's already talking about doing another the meantime though, he's "getting back to the weights."  Thanks for doing this with me!!!
I was our 5th runner.  I'm coming into the first exchange after my first 7 mile run (it was all downhill...saweet!)

Todd was the last runner in our van.  He too, had some killer hills and by far, the hardest legs of the group. 
 One of the best things about Ragnar is everyone cheers for everyone.  It was especially fun to have people like these crazies cheering for you as your ran by.
Cory (in the other van from our team) stopped during his run to dance with these people.  Too funny. 
Loved being able to do this with Brett!!

Can't wait to do another one.


Laura said...

so fun! thanks for the photos!

Brady and Brittney said...

Way to go! Now you need to convert me into a runner.... I hate it but I want to want to like it. :)

danielle stolworthy said...

Yes Kristy! I remember you! Unfortunately my recipe blog is the neglected one... i see you have a recipe blog too. pumped about that! looks like you're doing well and your baby is darling!! take care :)

Crystal said...

wow! your hard core!!! good job!!!