Friday, January 4, 2013

Miles @ 6 Months Old

I guess the saying is true that if your first child is "difficult" you'll be blessed with an "easy" one the second time around.  At least for us.

---- We love you Owen, but you were difficult {wait. sometimes you still are.  but we seriously love you and your funny, stubborn, imaginative little self}.  I don't think we thought you were a difficult baby until Miles came along and was so easy.  ----

Miles is so laid back and content most of the time, and he gives us an endless amount of smiles.  He's earned the nickname Smiles with our friends.

At six months his favorite things are his bouncy chair, Owen's toys (particularly Thor and any Ninja turtle), loves his big brother, and most recently, the bottle.

But at least he's finally taking a bottle.  Once he figured it out and guzzled his first one down, he never looked back and has preferred it ever since.  Which would explain his rapid weight gain over the last two weeks:) 

I can already tell Owen and Miles are gonna be best buds, I love watching Owen play with Miles and trying to make him happy the rare times he is sad or fussy.

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Bree said...

He is adorable. And he really does have the best smiles! Miss you guys!