Thursday, April 3, 2008

What We Call Fun!!!!

Rockband and "The Office." This is what Brett & I do for fun. It's practically become a nightly routine for us. Dinner, Rockband, "The Office", sleep. A while ago, Brett bought Rockband with a gift card he received as a bowl game gift (Hey at least I benefited from it! Gotta love football!) I didn't know how much we'd actually use it. And when we first started dating Brett was big into the tv show "The Office." I didn't care for it at all, but I watched it with him anyways. Now, I'm addicted to both. It's like I can't sleep if I don't at least get an episode in a night. Plus, Brett is trying to make sure I've seen all of the episodes of the last few seasons, before the show finally starts up again NEXT THURSDAY. Yes, we are stoked!!


So, Rockband consists of the guitar player, the bass player, the lead singer, and the drummer. Since its just the two of us, I'm usually on the drums & Brett takes the guitar. Don't worry, I'm still on "easy" and he's on "expert." As fun a it is with just the two of us, it doesn't really feel like a band. 9:00 ish is when our gig starts every night so feel to come by for an audition:)


ryan and laura said...

I'll send ryan over to play guitar...he would love it!

Cade & Heather McMullin said...

Gotta love rock band! We only have guitar hero, but it is sooo much fun. I am glad you guys are having so much fun wedded bliss!!

Christy and John said...

I'm jealous. We cannot get our hands on Rock Band or Guitar Hero out here. They are always sold out. You should recruit Chase and Ashleigh to come play. I love the office. I'm surprised Brett doesn't make you watch Seinfeld every night before bed.

Kelley said...

Joo Lin and I just got Rock Band and we can't wait to battle it out with you guys. What system do you have it for?