Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a Weekend!

The Sundance Film Festival started this Thursday up in Park City. HP is a sponsor and my company worked on some projects for a few of the films, so I was able to get some tickets. Friday night we went to the premier of the film "September Issue." It's a documentary about Vogue Magazine and the preparation in getting the biggest issue of the year out, the Semptember Issue. The showing was actually in Salt Lake, and there was a little pre-film cocktail party at Pierpont Place downtown. Brett and I didn't quite fit in with the crowd, but we sure enjoyed the orderves and desserts, and had fun people watching:)

Seriously, the desserts were delicious and the presentation was super fun! The tall cone-looking thing in the center is a tower of sugar-glazed cream puffs.

Orderves were Delish......

Saturday night, the party in Salt Lake continued!! I know the owner of Pierpont Place, (we had our company party there so I worked with her a lot) so Friday night at the cocktail party she told Brett and I we had to come back Saturday night for the "Fashion Delirium Tour du Jour." Yeah, i don't know what that means. It is basically a traveling runway party that showcases designers and their newest fashions. Not really our cup of tea, but thought it could be really fun if we went with the right people!! Hence, we invited our good friends Rich and Kellie Knapp, kind of our wild and crazyfriends (don't worry, in a good-way). We knew they would make it fun!

We grabbed dinner on our way up. We wanted to eat at this Italian restaurant in American Fork, La Vigna, but once we saw the average price per plate was $17 we headed to Paradise Bakery instead (and indulged in way too many of their yummy cookies)

Kellie & I Me & my Hubby
Brett & Rich having SO much fun! We dared them to order Shirley Temples from the Bar. Rich finally did and I'm pretty sure the bartdender looked at him like he was crazy.Rich and Kellie Dancin'

These were the models of the fashion show. Kellie and I practiced our walks after the show and thought we could be some serious competition! Ha!

Does this guy look familiar? I don't think he's the innocent, nice guy we know from all of our favorite Mormon movies!! He was a little crazy!The best part of the night was when 3 drag queens walked in to the party! We tried to get pictures but I was too chicken to just go up to them and ask to take their picture, and couldn't take one on the sneak, it would have been too obvious. But we all died laughing when we saw them.

Thanks Rich and Kellie for coming with and making the night fun!

And by the way, the documentary we saw was really interesting. I recommend everyone see it when it comes out. Brett and I are not fashion gurus and know nothing about the fashion industry. Maybe that's what made it so interesting.


Christy and John said...

You know when there are drag queens there that it is a wild party. I love when we order drinks whether it be a Diet Coke or a water from the bar and the people look at us like, "You know it's an open bar and you can order alcohol!" Diet Coke on the rocks is as crazy as we get. How are you doing with the pop thing?

Cher said...

Hey there girl. You look so good! I love reading about all your exciting adventures. Sounds like you guys are having a blast!!!

Araceli Y Ruben said...

Kelly is always the best person to have around if you don't know how the night is going to pan out. I am so glad that both of you are doing so well. We miss you at work but by the way hope you have a Great BIRTHDAY!!