Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shrimp Boilin' Fun

Every time my family gets together we have a Shrimp Boil, and we always do one on Christmas Eve! Even though we aren't from the South, it's kind of become a family tradition of ours (unless Southern Colorado counts! Ha!) It was introduced to my parents by a family in their ward that was from New Orleans. Bottom line, it's dang good food and it's fun!

Momma Mort (my mom) is in town this weekend, so we decided to have a Shrimp Boil with some friends (I thought'd it would be good for me to learn as well). It was delish!!!

Chicken, Shrimp, Potatoes, Corn, Onions and Dippin Sauce. Yes, you actually just dump all of the food on the table and dig in! Finger-food style!

Todd and appears Cory isn't enjoying it, but he really loved it. What guy wouldn't?

After eating ourselves sick we had to play some Wii Fit to work it all off. It's hilarious to play with first timers and in big groups. We laughed so much.

Rob Brill doing the Hoola-Hoop on Wii! Pure Entertainment

Rob doing the Ski Jump. He's actually a ski instructor.....but not such a good ski jumper on the Wii!

Thanks everyone for coming over and thanks Mom for the DELICIOUS Shrimp Boil. I now know how to prepare this, so be ready for some more Denney Shrimp Boils to come!!! I'll post the recipe and instructions, it's really quite easy!


MEG said...

Funny I just found out what a shrimp boil was this week - "who dumps a bunch of food on the table to eat it?" Now I know. YOU DO. J/K, it actually looks like a lot of fun! AND YUMMY!

Cher said...

Sounds so YUMMY! You guys have some awesome activites!

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

I've heard of these before and think it would be fun to do. Post the recipe and instructions stat.

Leanna said...

that looks really fun (and delish!!)