Sunday, April 12, 2009

Date Night With Kyle

Brett and I decided to take our niece Kyle out on a date for her 6th birthday. We started the night with a 5:00pm showing of Hannah Montana, the movie. Kyle loves Hannah Montana, and Brett has a secret admiration as well. We all loved it! After the movie we took Kyle to her restaurant of choice, Cafe Rio, which just happens to be right next to Maggie Moo's Ice Cream, so of course we stopped there for dessert afterwards:)

Kyle ready for Hannah Montana!!!
Had to capture the Hannah Montana bag!Waiting for the movie to start
Too Cute!
We had so much fun with Kyle! After the fun was over we took her home and hung out at Ryan and Laura's house for a while, and played with the other kids.

I'd like to say the night was a huge hit with Kyle.....but the next morning we received the following text from Ryan (which he had sent at 3am): "Kyle just puked popcorn, gummy bears, soda, Cafe Rio, and ice cream all over her room. Thanks for showing her a good time!"

Next time we'll know not to spoil her with all the food and candy she wants!!! Hopefully there can be a next time??

Thanks Kyle for the fun, and sorry Ryan and Laura for the middle of the night puking and cleaning up throw-up!!!


Christy and John said...

That's what aunts and uncles are spoil! I guess our kids have access to an aquedate amount of junk all the time so they probably wouldn't be phased. You are sweet to take her.

ryan and laura said...

she had so much fun it was totally worth it! you guys are an awesome aunt/uncle! thanks for getting pictures....I'll have to get them from you sometime!

Traci Anne said...

haha. i laughed out loud in the library at ryans text! classic! haha. you guys are the raddest aunt/uncle! good work.

MEG said...

Wednesday is PERFECT. Dan gets home at 6 so anytime after that is good so he can watch Axton.

Can Kimmi come too??? I'm so excited!!! We're actually going to hang out?!

What do you want to do? I'm game for anything!