Friday, April 17, 2009


Brett's had a rough week of studying and getting ready for Finals. I've tried to be busy, out of the way, and not a distraction-it's actually been a great week for me (and I feel a little bad about it, because it's been grusome for Brett!)

Monday: I was in bed by 9:30pm. I can't remember the last time I went to bed that early. Brett studied until 2:00am--Rebember the freshman days of college when we did that every night and still got up for 8am class?? How??

Tuesday: I was in bed by 10:00pm. Brett studied until 3am. Loving the sleep I'm getting, but poor Brett.

Wednesday: Brett took a break from studying. We did P90X "Core Synergistics" together. It wasn't Brett's typical kind of workout-I laughed my head off watching him! It wasn't a great workout for me-I was laughing too hard to do anything. But it was fun, and it was time with him , so it was great!

Thursday: GIRLS NIGHT!! I went to dinner with Kim and Megan Griffin. Noodles & Red Mango. We just sat around eating, talking, and laughing for 3 hours! I loved it! Brett studied all night.

Friday: I'm going to a comedy show with some girls I work with, Leanna & Katherine. Brett is taking two finals today and studying all night:(

Saturday: I'm running the Salt Lake 1/2 marathon at 7:00am. Brett is taking another final at 7:00am. After that, more studying, for another final that afternoon. I've got a friend's bridal shower-woot woot, then softball practice (if I can walk) for our company co-ed city league team. Brett will be studying. Then, dinner with the Chase & Ash-our last hoorah with them before our friends & neighbors move back to DC.

Sunday: RELAX. REST. Brett will study all day for ONE more final on Monday!

Monday: Brett takes his last final!!! THEN WE START PACKING.

TUESDAY: This will be a great day!! Goodbye Utah---HELLOOOO FLORIDA!!!

Yes we are going on a little vaca' to Florida--for a week!!! We're going to Miami to visit Brett's brother John, his wife Christy, & their kiddos Austin & Brock!! I can't tell you how excited we are! I've had a fun-filled/sleep-filled week and Brett has had a painful week of studying and finals, and no sleep. He soooo deserves a break!

We are ready for the beach, warm weather, good food, and great company!


MEG said...

I had a freaking awesome time last night. We need to get together more often!

I had no idea we lived so close too!

Mike & Rachel Barton said...

Good luck with the half! You'll do great!

carly said...

Brett, that sounds miserable. I feel for ya...we're starting finals this Monday too. Kristy, good luck in the marathon tomorrow!! You will do great! And Florida sound really fun! Enjoy the sunshine :)

Christy and John said...

Good luck on the'll rock it. Poor Brett...if he is anything like John this week is pretty much hell! Well I guess it is for anyone.

Brady and Brittney said...

We were in florida this time last year and it was sooooo nice! Not too hot but wonderfully warm! Have fun!

Collin & Traci said...

man i love you guys! i say this all the time, but i wish we could be closer to you so we could play more... have fun in FL!!! :)