Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things You May Not Know......

My sister-in-law Carly tagged me, so here goes:

List 10 things people don't know about you, then tag 7 people!
(It's harder than you think)
1. If I could go back to school, I'd become a teacher.
2. I love searching recipes online (I'm constantly looking at food blogs), and love watching Food Network just to watch people make yummy food.
3. I have severe claustrophobia and I'm afraid of suffication (I hate being dunked under water, smothered by a pillow, blanket, or confined to a very small or very crowded area. Please don't ever do any of these to me, I might freak out!)
4. I LOVE scary movies!
5. I absolutely love theme parks and rollercoasters.
6. I hate brussel sprouts!
7. I love to sing, and wish I wasn't so terrified to sing in front of people.
8. My friend Tami and I have a long-standing tradition of making fully-loaded nachos everytime we get together. The magic ingredients are Tami's mom's canned chicken and my mom's homemade salsa. Nachos wouldn't be the same without the two. Then of course, cheese, sour cream, the works. Silly, huh?
9. I love the show "What I like about You", with Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth. So highschooler of me.
10. I took Brett and I on our first date, and paid! It was his birthday. But he was such a pansie I had to make all of the first moves! It was worth it. I love him, he is the best!
I tag....
Christy Anne
*Whoever wants to do it!


Ana Lee said...

You mad ALL of the first moves!? Lucky guy! :) I didn't know you liked to sing, I love singing too. I'm just not a soloist!

Spencer said...

fun! i learned some things...spence and i promise to never dunk you in the water or cover you in them from a childhood of being tortured by mean older brothers?

Collin and Traci said...

Yesss! :) love finding out new things! And thanks for not tagging me. I'm off the hook!

Kristina said...

Kristy! You totally can still become a teacher. I'm looking into it right now and it is not hard at all to get your certification and get started! You could totally finish it by the time Brett is done at BYU.

Colt 'n Tami said...

CHEERS to our nachoes!!!! I'm cravin some now! YUM! See ya Saturday WAHOOOOOOOO!!!

Katherine Fajen said...

I love What I Like About are definitely NOT alone on that one!