Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve...

Christmas Eve we did our traditional Shrimp Boil, opening presents, and playing games.  Ty, Ash and their kids were here too.  We missed Spence, Car, the twins and Justin this year!

Justin sent each of the kids a present to open. He sent them each an "Elder Bear" (Justin is serving his mission in San Francisco and has been out for 4 months).  Each had a backpack and all, and inside the backpack was a personal note from Justin.  Uncle Justin is the best!
Reading Owen's letter from Justin to him, totally made me cry. Justin is so thoughtful and Owen will cherish that little note forever! And so will I.

Owen opening his jammies from Grandma and Grandpa.  (We bathed the kids and got them all ready for bed before opening presents, hence the naked-ness).  Owen was really into the wrapping paper.

Crew, Gracelyn, and Owen wearing their Christmas pj's and reading their Christmas books from Grandma.
The big kids in our pajamas.

We always get a new game on Christmas Eve too.  Clearly, Brett and I are a little more excited than Ty and Ash.  Uno Flash, love it!
 We are heading to Denver to spend some time with Craig and Sheri tomorrow!!  We are loving spending time with family.  I'll get to the Christmas Day pics soon...sadly, I only got a few.  I have to steal some from my parents.


Tyler and Ashley Mortensen said...

Hey now that last pic is not totally accurate :) We hadnt torn all the way through the paper yet!

Rachel H said...

i love your christmas eve pjs! how cute!

Mortensen Baby Farm said...

Looks like fun!

Natalie & Aaron said...

How cute I'm glad Justin did the leter thing how sweet. I'm sure it was a little weird without him.