Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving...Giving thanks

A little late, but better than never...

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Brett's Aunt & Uncle Janet and Roger and their families, along with Grandma Denney, Arlene & Emily, and Vicki. 

The food was amazing.  Janet & Roger make a great team when it comes to makin' a turkey.  Wow.  You know it must have been good if I'm still thinking about it a week later.  

The company was great.  Owen had so much fun (in between his cranky, teething fits) with his cousins. 

This year, more than anything I've been reminded of how grateful I am for family; my family, Brett's family, our extended family (that takes us in on Thanksgiving) and our "fake" families.  I don't have family from my side close by, so I'm grateful that Brett does and that I feel like they are my family too. 

I'm thankful for the phone calls, emails,  facebook chats, and skypes from family members that live states away.  Staying connected is important.

I'm grateful for sister-in-laws who feel just like the sisters I always wanted (no offense Tyler, Spencer, or Justin. I'm grateful for you too.  A girl just needs some sisters.)

I'm thankful for friends that are like family. You know who you are!

And I'm so grateful for the two handsome fellas in my life.  I love you both to pieces!  


Collin and Traci said...

You are the sweetest! :) I love you guys! So does C~

Colt 'n Tami said...

AHhhhh... so sweet! LUv ya

Reimstar said...

Oh Owen is adorable! Where does he get his red hair?! I love it! We need to get our boys together so they can play and become friends, and so we can play too!

Spence and Car said...

you are so sweet, thoughtful and thankful, and such a great mom, i'm glad little owen came into your lives, i don't think i'm that SIL you were mentioning, but i'm glad you have found friends and family to enjoy life with, it makes everything so much sweeter.

Natalie & Aaron said...

I love this pic he's yummy! To bad we won't see each other at Christmas you could take pics of our little guys.

Crystal said...

man, time flies!! he is getting so big!! i love his 9 month pix!