Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and Things...

Owen has taken an interest in his stuffed animals lately, so for Easter we took him to Build- A-Bear to get a new puppy.  He got two, one big and one little one (the little one practically free).  Build-A-Bear wasn't all that exciting for him, but he thought the cotton-stuffer thing was pretty cool.  And he got pretty excited when he saw his puppies and lots of "bahs" (balls) in a basket!

The little puppy is his favorite.  He's been carrying it around like this all week. 

We scattered eggs around the living room just to see what he would do.  He did nothing, except pick a couple of them up and throw them.  So we put them in his basket for him and he shook them all out.  Most of the eggs were empty but a couple were filled with mini marshmallows.  Nothing better than marshmallows for breakfast!

After church, we had our friends the Archibalds over for a pretty non-traditional Easter dinner.  Their little girl Alli is almost two. I think they like each other!     

We do dress our kid, especially when girls come over.  

On to other things.  Owen is growing up!  He's 14 months and turning into a handsome little boy.

He loves to watch The Backyardigans, loves to play with balls, always wants to be outside, and thinks he needs to run everywhere.  He has such a goofy personality, and such a great belly laugh, and loves to show off.  Although he can be stubborn and very impatient, and kick and scream and throw tantrums, he can be very cuddly and sweet.  He likes to give "big squeezes" to mom and dad (more mom though).

He still has this crazy hair that will only grow straight up.  We've tried to let it grow thinking it will eventually lay down, but it doesn't.  So we just keep buzzing it.  And it just keeps growing straight up.  Maybe we need to try some serious hair product! 

And, he is finally saying momma! The biggest milestone yet;)

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Emily Sue said...

Ok so no joke but Cruz has an identical scratch on his forehead too!! Must be 14 months. He is adorable, I can't wait for you to come visit and see him side by side with the twins!!