Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Three Year Glitch

Our very first day, in our very first home (townhouse, but I can call it a home right?), Brett and I celebrated our three year anniversary.  It was on a Sunday (March 13th, I know I'm behind), we'd been moving all weekend and it kind of slipped our minds.  Oops.

Until Sunday morning Brett said, "Happy Anniversary hun, I bought you a home. What did you get me?" Funny guy.  On Monday, he sent me an email with a link to this article with a note saying, "We made it!"

Apparently making it three years is a big deal these days.  The biggest obstacle couples face is called the three-year glitch, and that little irritations become a major issue within three years.  So big that it leads to divorce. 

What little irritations?

You mean how I don't squeeze the tooth paste from the bottom-up.  And I don't clean the top well, so it gets all gewy and sticky and the lid doesn't close right. 

Or how Brett insists all dishes "need to soak" before rinsing them off and loading the dishwasher, even if the dishes aren't that dirty.

Oh those. Yeah they are slightly irritating.  But we always find a way to laugh about them....eventually.  

We are proud survivors of the three-year glitch!

We'll survive 'em all....


Matt and Lindsay Bauman said...

Congrats Kritsy! Can't wait to see your new place. I moved my trip to the last week of April, so lets plan on doing something then.

Cory and Bree said...

Um, this is an adorable post. You guys could survive anything together!

Laura said...

Three years! Has it really been that long! Seems like only last spring we were all bunking up in glenwood springs on the way to denver for your wedding! Congrats! You guys are awesome!

Joo Lin said...

Oh yay for wedding anniversaries!! You guys are cute together and here's to many more years!

Crystal said...

congrats!! we will hit that mark this december. so weird how time flies.