Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Justin is Home!

The first week of September we headed to Colorado.  First to spend a day with Craig and Sheri in Denver and then to spend time with my family, and greet Justin home from his mission! Crazy how fast two years flew by for him. 

Owen thought flying in a plane was so cool.  He kept yelling at the pilot to "Go Faster!"  Miles was a peach and slept most the flight.  Flying with the two of them was actually a piece of cake. 

Craig and Sheri met us at the airport and Owen got a free ride from Papa Craig. 

Justin was flying in to the Colorado Springs Airport on Sept 5th so we hit up the Colorado Springs Zoo before meeting my parents and heading to the airport. 

I didn't get any pictures at the airport--I had my mom's phones on speaker with my brother on the line so he could hear all the excitement.  But here is all grown up...and handsome...and taller than both of our older brothers.  

Everyone was able to come home for his homecoming.  We had 17 people staying at my parents house. It was crazy and wild, but so fun, especially for the kids.

Tyler and Ashley bless Cash while everyone was together too.  Cash and Miles are just one month apart.  And pretty stinkin' cute.

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Laura said...

cute photos! love the giraffes!