Monday, August 4, 2008

Go Cougs!

Brett kicked off the football season on Friday afternoon!! He reported at 4 pm, so I was thrilled when he was calling me at 9:45 that night (thinking, Wow, he's done early). They were in fact done for the night, but then Brett told me he was going to be sleeping at the stadium. He had 20 minutes to run home and get anything he needed. More than anything, I was jealous....I wanted to go sleep in the stadium too. Next year maybe I'll ask Bronco if the wives can come....or if we can have our own lil' camp out!!! It was our first night apart since we've been married:( I guess it was going to happen sooner or later. Lucky for me, my mom was in town and she stayed with me.

It was this time last year that Brett and I had just started dating. The 6th, to be exact, was the first time we kissed. And it was all down-hill from there. Now, here we are a year later...married.

I'm excited for this season, even if it means seeing a little (ok a lot) less of Brett! I guess, after playing volleyball in college I understand the time commitment it requires. I'm just excited to see him play and hope the team does well.

Lookin' good 92


Christy and John said...

How did you get those awesome pictures? I feel your pain. John's at a hotel for a month so I get to see him an hour here and there. Hey, do you guys have a Wii. We wanted to get Brett Mario Kart for his b-day. If he doesn't do you have any ideas? I need your cell so I can text you.

Kimi D said...

what a stud!
oh ya, christy wanted me to find out if you guys have a me if you need her number.
i'll be good for sleepovers now and again when brett has to travel! rock band, pedicures, and dance offs for sure!

Wayne and Mary said...

Hi Kristy! See, I told you I was addicted:) I love your cute blog - and these awesome pics!! Girl, all I gotta say is AMEN. Another player said as soon as they said that everyone was sleeping over that night all the married guys hung their heads and were saying things like, "man, my wife is gonna kill me." lol! Next year though - I agree - we'll have our OWN campout.

Tyler and Ashley Mortensen said...

Yes we still want to come to a football game. We need to find a good weekend that would work and come on out. How's practice going so far? I saw the preseason BCS rankings, looks pretty good right now!! Good luck Brett!