Saturday, August 30, 2008

Brett & Kristy in the 1970's

Ok, this is hilarious!!! My brother and sister and law did this on their blog (Tyler and Ash....their pics are even better, visit their link) I absolutely couldn't resist!! Oh honey we are hott!!!!

I hear this is what Craig Denney looked like back in the day.....that-a-girl Sheri!!!!

I encourage everyone to do this....visit Thanks Ash & Ty we had so much fun and laughed sooo hard playing around with this.


Tyler and Ashley Mortensen said...

Kristy... Ha ha ha I loved it! But I have to say you are not near as ugly as I was back in 1988! This was so funny! Tyler did it while I took a nap and he was so proud of his work! I died laughing! His picture is especially HOT! By the way tell Brett congrats on a great game!!! We miss you guys!

Spence and Car said...

That's not a bad look for you guys. Keep it up. asta luego

ryan and laura said...

LOVE IT! you guys would have been one HOT couple back in the 70's!

Colt 'n Tami said...

hahaha... rarrrrrr you good lookers you!

Kristina said...

KRISTY - Haha!! Okay, I just found your blog and was reading back through the posts like a total creeper. And this post reminded me of this picture that I found at work of Brett's dad! You have to give me your email so I can send it to you. You will die. It looks just like this.