Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I, I, I...got tagged!

Thanks Kellie:)

I have...split ends that are driving me nuts
I fear...drowning and being dunked in water
I always...wake Brett up in the mornings to give him a kiss goodbye
I feel...baby hungry....no worries, it comes and goes and I'm really not in any rush.
I hear...Brett in the other room laughing at some dumb commercial
I smell...like Pink Sugar, it's one of my favs.
I wish ... I could go on a shopping spree (and I'm usually not a shopper, but I'm in desperate need for some new clothes)....
I hate...brussell sprouts, ugggg gag me.
I wonder...what type of person I'd be without the gospel
I regret....not having more confidence in myself when I played volleyball at OSU
I love....how much Brett and I laugh together....we are so goofy and weird.
I am...blessed with an AMAZING family and struck gold with the in-laws
I think....I am a little uptight when it comes to having a clean house. Poor Brett.
I know...how to make some dang good desserts
I want...to run in the Boston Marathon someday
I always....crave chocolate (and I prefer Dove Chocolate or M&M's)
I am not ....artistic, I so wish I was, but it's just not in me.
I am like...uh I dunno on this one
I believe....the way to make a friend is to be a friend
I don't always...wear my seat belt!!
I am happy that...I have a job that I love!
I win...HORSE 90% of the time Brett & I play. I usually beat him in the card game speed too.
I lose...my keys frequently
I never...put the cap back on the toothpaste
I need...a pedicure
I listen...to all sorts of music
I am scared of...mean people
I read...LDS romance novels....it's my mom's fault she got me started
I tag...Kim (yeah time to get bloggin girl), Christy, Laura, Ashley, Meg, Tami, and Susie:)


Colt 'n Tami said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO fun... look at you girl! You are one helllk of a wonder woman and i love ya to pieces!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO! p.s. GO COUGS

Brady and Brittney said...

I love LDS romance novels too! I remember you tried my Trust Trilogy but got board although I have others. I was hooked for a while and found them so sweet and satisfying without the heaving busoms.

ryan and laura said...

ha...ha...ryan was reading your blog and told me I got tagged and better get on it! seems a little complicated...it may take a little while to think of something to fill in all the blanks. you're amazing by the way and I'm still waiting for one of those amazing desserts you make - you'll have to make one for me when we get back and the baby comes! new mommies always need extra sugar!

so excited for brett's game on saturday - we are having a little cougars party out here in buffalo and even got direct tv to watch all his games! they kids are ready with their byu gear...go byu!

Christy and John said...

I just did your tag and it was hard! I love the truth in your posts. That's what people want to hear. I'm glad Brett makes you happy. I knew he would, he's a good guy.