Sunday, October 19, 2008

Friends = Fun

We started out our weekend having a FUN friday night with our friends Chase & Ashleigh Carlson and Andrew and Tawny George. Chase and Ashleigh just got a Nintendo Wii, so Friday nigth we had a Pizza and SuperMario 3 party. It was so fun and so hilarious to see all of us acting like we were kids again! Thanks for all the laughs guys!

Saturday Brett and I went with our friends, Rich, Kellie, & lil' Macey Knapp for a fall drive around Alpine Loop, stopping at Cascade Springs. I think we missed all of the "pretty" fall colors, we will have to remember to come earlier next year. I think late September is usually the best. But we still took some pics!

This was a cool looking tree stump in front of this swamp! Of course, Brett is goofin' off trying to get frisky! No luck! ha!

After our fun little drive we went out for Thai Food. Brett has only tried Thai food once before, so this was a fun place to go!! I'm not sure he loved it or wants to go back, but it was worth the experience. Plus, we needed to branch out from our usual Cafe Rio, Rumbi, Noodles. Thanks Rich and Kellie for being adventerous with us!

The rest of the night was spent playing Super Mario World (the one with Yoshi...Brett's favorite) and Donkey Kong Country at the Knapps! It's so funny how we can just pick up these games again, remembering all of the secret tricks and passages, and ways to beat each level. Again, more laughs!!! The Knapps even let us borrow their SuperNintendo for a little while.

Now, it is Sunday night and Brett is sitting next to me playing Super Mario World.....and has been trying to beat this "special" level for the last 30 minutes. I have to fight him for a turn because he wants to be the one to beat it! We will probably be here all night!
Thanks FRIENDS for a FUN weekend!

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Colt 'n Tami said...

Gotta love fun friends! YAY