Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reflections of 2008

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I feel like the entire year has been a whirlwind. The highlight of course was getting married in March, which is probably what has made the rest of the year a bit of a blurr!! Anyways, here are some of the happenings of 2008......

Brett proposed on New Year's Eve (actually in the afternoon). There couldn't have been a better way to start out the year. I was on cloud 9 for the entire duration of our 2 1/2 month engagement. I was giddy, smiley, and in love. I think Brett was thinkin' "How did this happen again?" New Year's Eve will always be special for us!

Brett and I got married on March 13th, a VERY monumental day for both of us. We were so lucky to have so many of our family and friends there to share the experience with us! I remeber the sealing like it was yesterday. You all know how newly weds are.....which pretty much sums up the rest of our year being giddy, smiley, and so so in love!

I watched more football than I've ever watched in my life. Brett played and watched a lot of football. I learned after the first home game that it is routine to go home and watch the game on tv again, and then watch the other college games that are on. We also followed Brett's brothers' games on tv as much as we could. I think I finally understand the game now. If not, I'd be pretty dense after watching it as much as I do! I love it though. I especially love watching Brett play, I get so excited for him!
Earlier this year, Brett's mom Sheri found out she had breast cancer. It was quite the scare and so unexpected. Thankfully, she is cancer free, after several surgeries, medication, and radiation. With the help and prayers of friends and family, Sheri was able to get through it! And she tells of all the little miracles that happened along the way!

I became a Diet Dr. Pepper addict. I used to enjoy a Diet Coke every now and then, but this year, Diet Dr. Pepper became my vice. Why? And how do I stop?

I started a new job at MarketSplash by HP (formerly known as Logoworks) as an Executive
Assistant/Operations. It's been a great learning experience for me and I've met a lot of new people. It definitely has it's moments of stress but I love it!

While Brett was thrilled to get a suga' momma for a wife and thought he might trick me into keeping it this way, he was not so thrilled to get many "honey do lists" as I have slowly domesticated him this year. I work full-time, he is a full-time student-athlete, so we both cook and clean:) Sometimes it's like pulling teeth though.

I made new friends at work and with some of the other wives of football players. We both got to know our new in-laws much better. We took on new nieces and nephews and it's been so much fun!

Brett started the Business Program at BYU this fall. I don't know how he does it with football, but he always gets good grades.
Faced my biggest fear and taught Gospel Doctrine for the first time. Thank goodness Brett and I team teach. Surprisingly, it has turned out to be really fun when we prepare well. When we don't, I'm a nervous wreck. It's been a neat experience for us to study and teach together.
Okay, maybe the year isn't all a blurr.....I could go on and on now. I'm grateful for all of the people that have helped make 2008 such a great year for us. I'm especially thankful for Brett, he's such a great husband and my best friend! And yes, I'm stilly giddy, smiley, and so so in love:) I think Brett is too!!
Happy New Year Everyone!


Christy and John said...

I loved your reflections. This was a big year for you. I love Diet Dr. Pepper and Chick Fil A has it on tap. The only thing that cured my addiction is the uti I got. They told me I had to stop drinking soda so my addiction has definitely gotten better. Enjoy today! It's a work day for John tomorrow so no partying for us.

Niels and Susie Jensen said...

I love that you mention your addiction to the brown stuff as part of your reflections for the year. I feel slightly responsible for your habit =) Best to you in 2009!

Elizabeth said...

We're so glad you have such a great year! :) Plus, we're especially glad we've gotten to know you! I'm a regular Dr. Pepper addict, I'll have to try Diet DP and see what I think! :)